The Tale of the Tinder Tabi Theft: The Last Laugh

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In the heart of Greenwich Village, an unexpected tale unfolded in the year 2023. A story so bizarre and melodramatic that even Michael Patrick King, the creative genius behind “Sex and the City,” might find it challenging to script. This saga features Lexus, an up-and-coming knitwear designer with a penchant for expensive shoes, and Josh, a man sporting a mustache reminiscent of an amateur poet. Their rendezvous, captured through TikTok explainers, serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the intriguing, often ludicrous world of 2023 dating, where looks can be deceiving, theft can be low-stakes, and melodrama thrives, all revolving around an unassuming pair of Tabi-toed Mary-Janes. Lexus, the central character of this bizarre story, reflects on her journey and the unexpected turn of events that catapulted her fashion brand, Maddi and Danii, into the spotlight.

The Tabi Swiper Chronicles

The intricate details of the so-called Tabi Swiper incident have been dissected and discussed tirelessly over the past 72 hours, but for the uninitiated, a brief recap is in order. To truly grasp the essence of this modern dating fiasco, one might consider watching a couple of explanatory TikTok videos, but here’s the condensed version of what transpired between Lexus and her Tinder date, Josh.

Lexus, a 25-year-old designer, and Josh initially crossed paths on Tinder. Their digital connection quickly evolved into real-life encounters, characterized by conversations about fashion and an eventual rendezvous at Lexus’s place. However, as the sun rose on the morning after, Lexus discovered that her expensive Tabi-toed Mary-Janes had mysteriously vanished alongside Josh, who had abruptly blocked her on social media and deleted his contact details from her phone. Lexus’s response? She took to TikTok to share her story and hopefully track down the alleged shoe thief.

In the blink of an eye, her hastily-filmed confession found its way onto the For You Pages (FYPs) of more than 26,000 people, including Josh himself. He vehemently denied the accusations, imploring Lexus to delete the video. However, an Instagram screenshot of his ex-girlfriend wearing the same Mary-Janes ultimately led to Josh’s late-night confession and the subsequent return of the shoes. Red flags, such as Josh’s distinctive mustache, nose ring, and Arc’teryx jacket, emerged throughout the narrative, but as Lexus points out, sometimes attraction blinds us to the signs.

The Online Dating Dilemma

The concept of an enthusiastic date with a hint of low-level mischief might sound familiar to anyone who has dipped their toes into the murky waters of online dating. However, what sets this particular saga apart is its distinctly “online” nature. It’s a tale that unfolded in the digital realms of High Fashion Twitter and quickly turned Lexus into an overnight microcelebrity. Alongside her newfound fame came the unfortunate experience of slut-shaming in her DMs, but it also proved to be a serendipitous boost for her fashion brand, Maddi and Danii.

Post-Tabi Gate: Lexus Speaks Out

In the wake of the Tabi theft saga, Lexus has emerged as an unexpected symbol of resilience and wit. When asked about her emotions following the incident, she quips, “When it happened, I didn’t even cry. This is a movie? This is ridiculous!” Lexus’s ability to find humor even in trying situations reflects her knack for comedy, a trait her friends appreciate.

Navigating the New York Dating Scene

Lexus also shares her insights into the challenging landscape of the New York dating scene, where finding something serious or meaningful can feel like an arduous quest. She notes that dating has become increasingly casual, with many people seeking new connections without long-term commitment. Her experience highlights the inherent uncertainty of dating in the digital age.

The Polarizing Tabi Trend

A significant portion of the discourse surrounding this story has revolved around the polarizing Tabi-toed shoes. Lexus passionately defends these distinctive footwear items, emphasizing their long history and unique style. She mentions that Tabis have been around since the 15th century, and their unconventional design is what makes them appealing to those who “get it.”

Maddi and Danii: A Dream Realized

Lexus’s journey from a pandemic hobbyist to an aspiring designer is both inspiring and reflective of her determination. She started crocheting and knitting during the pandemic, initially considering it a mere hobby. However, two years ago, she relocated from Chicago to New York to attend Parsons, where she studied fashion management. During this time, she launched Maddi and Danii, her knitwear brand, as a side project. It’s a venture fueled by passion, one that she aspires to take to greater heights.

A Hero in Unexpected Places

As Lexus became an accidental hero in her own story, she couldn’t help but reflect on the broader implications of her experience. She delves into how the incident shines a light on the dynamics between men and women in dating and relationships. She notes that men sometimes exploit their privilege, leading to situations where women feel vulnerable and gaslit. The public response to the incident, with women supporting her and some men resorting to derogatory comments, underscores the existence of internalized misogyny.

The Future of Maddi and Danii

With her DMs abuzz with inquiries and offers, Lexus is eager to capitalize on the newfound attention for her fashion brand. She plans to attend New York Fashion Week, where potential collaborations with brands like Aritzia and Sandy Liang are on the horizon. Lexus envisions a future where Maddi and Danii is recognized and worn by fashion influencers like Bella Hadid.


In the strange and unexpected tale of the Tinder Tabi theft, Lexus transformed a bizarre dating mishap into a moment of triumph. As she navigates the tumultuous waters of the New York dating scene and champions the polarizing Tabi trend, Lexus finds solace and purpose in her passion for fashion. Maddi and Danii, her knitwear brand, is on the cusp of greater recognition, fueled by Lexus’s resilience and sense of humor.

In a world where the lines between online and offline experiences blur, Lexus’s story serves as a reminder that even the most peculiar situations can lead to unexpected opportunities. As she continues her journey in the fashion industry, Lexus hopes that this brand will shine as brightly as her resilient spirit.

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