Navigating the Pantless Trend: Lessons from Kendall Jenner’s Effortless Style

Kendall Jenner

When Kendall Jenner made headlines in New York, flaunting a long button-up shirt with seemingly no pants, my initial reaction wasn’t exactly, “I need to wear that immediately.” Admittedly, she looked stunning – as models tend to do in any attire – and I appreciate a good fashion trend. However, the thought of adopting this daring look into my own wardrobe didn’t immediately cross my mind.

I’ve never shied away from a short hemline, a fact evidenced by the numerous dress code violations I accumulated during my high school years. Nevertheless, I’ve never been one to venture into “flasher territory.” Yet, when the idea of trying out the “pantless look” came up during a pitch meeting, I decided to embrace it – all in the name of capital-J Journalism.

But as I delved into this fashion experiment, I quickly confronted the reality that I am not Kendall Jenner (a truth that was, admittedly, rather devastating). As soon as I slipped on my white poplin boxers beneath an oversized button-up in the Condé Nast bathroom stall, I felt an immediate discomfort. Perhaps this should have been more evident to me, especially considering that I had refused to wear this look on the subway (there was no way I was risking contact with those subway seats in such a short hemline!).

Whether it was the sensation of the air hitting my bare upper thighs or the fact that the look simply did not feel suitable for work, I attempted to make my way back to my desk without attracting too much attention – a difficult feat when your shoes loudly click-clack with every step. Adorned in my black knee-high boots and oversized white button-up, I couldn’t help but feel like a peculiar fusion between Patrick Star from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and Tom Cruise in Risky Business – a comparison that I did not appreciate.

The Pantless Experiment

Mid-day, I decided to share a photo of my outfit with my friend Emma,who promptly responded with a list of logistical questions: “Spandex underneath? Ass sweat?” Thankfully, I could reassure her that, at least in this department, I had been spared. Sitting at my desk for the majority of the day didn’t present any significant issues, except for my shorts consistently riding up. However, the real test came during lunchtime, typically a social event. On this particular day, I ventured into the Condé Nast cafeteria solo, quickly devouring my meal before an impending call.

As I looked around the bustling cafeteria, I couldn’t help but notice that I stood out like a sore thumb. The room was filled with men in business attire, and there wasn’t a fellow writer or fashion editor in sight. While the editorial floor typically embraces a “anything goes” approach to fashion, I felt painfully self-aware of my pantlessness. I could sense the puzzled gazes of those suited individuals as I walked by, presumably wondering where on earth my pants had disappeared to.


The Kendall Jenner Effect

Reflecting on my pantless experiment, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of frustration when I examined photos of my outfit. It raised questions about why I couldn’t exude the same effortless charm as Kendall Jenner when embracing this bold trend. It felt like a classic case of “what you ordered versus what you got.” (Once again, I was brutally reminded that I don’t belong to the ranks of my generation’s highest paid models.)

If I were to give this pantless look another try or offer advice to those who are curious about it, I would start by recommending that one avoids the pitfalls of ’80s movie cosplay. To achieve this, I’d opt for a larger, longer shirt that isn’t white, paired with bottoms that offer more coverage. While I still find the look undeniably cute and I salute those who can confidently pull it off, it’s safe to say that it’s just not my cup of tea.

In conclusion, my venture into the world of Kendall Jenner-inspired pantlessness was an eye-opening experience. While it may not have been a seamless fit for me, it served as a reminder that fashion trends can be as diverse as the people who embrace them. Kendall Jenner’s effortless style is an inspiration to many, but it’s important to remember that not every trend will suit everyone. Fashion is, ultimately, a form of self-expression, and the key is to find styles that make you feel confident and comfortable, regardless of what’s trending in the fashion world.

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