Glasser’s Daring Return: Riding a Jet Ski in a Silver Bikini for Her First Album in a Decade


Cameron Mesirow, the talented artist known as Glasser, is making waves in the music and fashion worlds with her much-anticipated return to the music scene after a decade-long hiatus. Her upcoming album, “Crux,” set to release on October 6th, has already generated considerable buzz. But what’s capturing everyone’s attention even more is the eccentric music video for her latest single, “Easy,” in which she is riding a jet ski while wearing a stunning silver bikini.

The story behind this captivating video involves a serendipitous collaboration with Saturday Night Live director Amber Schaefer, a passionate fan of Glasser’s work. It was Schaefer’s idea to incorporate a jet ski into the video, and the result is nothing short of mesmerizing. But let’s delve deeper into the creative process and the emotions that fueled the creation of “Easy” and Glasser’s long-awaited album, “Crux.”

The Birth of “Easy” – Grief and Euphoria

“Easy” was a song that came to life in the midst of profound emotions. Mesirow explains that the inspiration for the track struck her shortly after buying a ticket to visit the grave of her first love, who tragically passed away from an overdose. This loss had a profound impact on her life and her songwriting. She wrote many songs in the wake of this tragedy, and “Easy” is one of them.

The song captures the complex emotions of grief, but it also delves into the euphoric moments that can accompany the mourning process. Mesirow wanted to embrace her feelings fully, even the painful ones, and she describes this as a form of reveling. The song reflects the idea that love, loss, and the wonder of being alive are interconnected, forming a thread within us that we attach our feelings to as events unfold in our lives.

The Vision for the “Easy” Video – Jet Skis and Euphoria

The music video for “Easy” was a collaborative effort between Glasser and Amber Schaefer, who brought the concept of the jet ski to life. Mesirow had envisioned an extreme sports video to match the bombastic synth sounds in the song. She wanted to convey the feeling of surrendering one’s body in mid-air, a sensation she found akin to the euphoria she was trying to express.

Watching GoPro videos of extreme sports enthusiasts performing daring feats in mid-air inspired her. The way these athletes embraced the unknown and let their bodies flow resonated with the emotions she wanted to convey. The body, she explains, has an innate knowledge of grief and its possibilities and limitations.

The Silver Bikini and the love of Fashion

One of the standout elements of the “Easy” video is Glasser’s choice of wardrobe, particularly the striking silver bikini. The credit for this bold fashion choice goes to Claire Sullivan, who worked with Mesirow on the video’s styling. Sullivan introduced elements of old-school showgirl looks, adding a girly touch to the world of extreme sports.

The ensemble, with its silver bikini and veil, may evoke bridal imagery, but Mesirow clarifies that bridal aesthetics weren’t the primary inspiration. Instead, she sees the look as a form of self-expression, a performance where she embraces being objectified and on display, much like a bride. The marriage metaphor allows her to explore themes of romanticism, objectification, and self-expression.

“Crux” – A Decade in the Making

“Crux” marks Glasser’s return to the music scene after ten years, following her last project, the EP titled “Sex Tape.” While “Sex Tape” had a more explicit and sensual tone, Mesirow sees all her work as inherently sensual. Her music explores the complexities of human emotions, and the sensuality of her art is a constant thread in her creative process.

Water and Its Significance

Interestingly, “Easy” isn’t the first Glasser video to feature water prominently. Water has a recurring presence in her work and serves as a powerful metaphor. It represents the tangible and intangible, the uncertainty that is the only certainty in life. It’s a reflection of the themes she explores in her music, where the ever-changing nature of water mirrors the shifting emotions of the human experience.

Fashion Week and Inspiration

During the conversation, Mesirow also mentions attending the Rachel Comey show at Fashion Week. She was particularly excited to see Molly Ringwald in attendance and praised the show’s aesthetic, which featured models with frizzy or flowing hair reminiscent of late ’90s Prada.

In conclusion, Glasser’s comeback with “Crux” is a testament to her artistry and unique creative vision. The music video for “Easy” exemplifies her willingness to push boundaries and explore the intersection of music and fashion. With water as a recurring motif and a passion for objectification and self-expression, Glasser continues to captivate audiences with her enigmatic and thought-provoking work. As her first album release date approaches, the anticipation for “Crux” is palpable, and fans eagerly await the next chapter in Glasser’s artistic journey.

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