Elevate Your Wardrobe with the Best Japanese Clothing Brands in 2023

Japanese Clothing Brands

Japan, a country renowned for its distinctive sense of style, has cultivated some of the world’s most stylish men’s fashion brands. This article explores 22 of the finest Japanese clothing brands, each offering a unique blend of style influences, from Americana and workwear to streetwear and outdoor gear. These brands cater to the sartorial needs of the modern, fashion-conscious man.

Beams Plus Key Piece: Striped Tee

Originating as a small department store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district in the 1970s, Beams Plus has evolved into a prestigious fashion franchise. The brand’s menswear arm, Beams Plus, boasts high-quality everyday essentials with a Japanese twist. Expect boxy fits, patterns, subtle branding, and a casual style that can form the foundation of your wardrobe.

Edwin Key Piece: Raw Denim

Edwin is synonymous with high-quality denim, representing a pivotal brand in Japan’s denim culture. Founded in 1947, Edwin initially imported used jeans from the USA before crafting its own Japanese-made denim, introducing innovations like the three-color “rainbow selvedge” denim.

Danton Key Piece: Worker Jacket

While Danton’s roots lie in mid-century Paris, supplying uniforms to the Paris Metro, its shift to Tokyo has transformed it into a prominent Japanese clothing brand. Danton reimagines classic workwear silhouettes using modern fabrics, adding a touch of Japanese cool to its designs.

Comme des Garçons PLAY Key Piece: Logo Tee

Comme des Garçons, known for its avant-garde fashion, has a wearable line called CDG PLAY. This collection features contemporary hoodies, T-shirts, and knitwear adorned with the iconic “bug-eyed heart” motif. It also includes a collaboration with Converse and unique fragrances and accessories.

And Wander Key Piece: Technical Jacket

And Wander showcases Japan’s talent for turning technical outdoor gear into stylish pieces. Designed by haute-couture designers, this brand offers garments that can grace runways and endure week-long treks in the Japanese Alps.

A Bathing Ape/BAPE Key Piece: Hoodie

A Bathing Ape, founded by fashion designer Nigo in 1993, is known for its bold and colorful streetwear. The brand’s signature camo pattern and heavily branded hoodies have made it a symbol of Japanese street fashion.

Uniqlo Key Piece: Oxford Shirt

Uniqlo, a renowned Japanese high-street retailer, is praised for its well-made, affordable wardrobe basics. Uniqlo’s shirting collection stands out, offering wallet-friendly Oxford button-downs that rival much pricier alternatives in terms of quality.

Engineered Garments Key Piece: Fatigue Pants

Although based in New York, Engineered Garments encapsulates Japanese style with its fusion of outdoor influences and casual tailoring. The brand is known for its jackets and pants, often featuring an abundance of pockets. Collaborations with iconic British brands like Barbour and Dr. Martens add to its appeal.

KAPITAL Key Piece: Embroidered or Quilted Anything

KAPITAL draws inspiration from mid-century Americana, incorporating patchwork, tie-dye, embroidery, and workwear details. The brand offers a unique take on casual clothing that has earned it a global following.

Undercover Key Piece: Godzilla Knit

Jun Takahashi’s Undercover brand defies easy categorization, blending punk, Parisian couture, and underground streetwear. Collaborations with Uniqlo and Nike make the brand’s enigmatic style more accessible to a wider audience.

Porter-Yoshida Key Piece: Nylon Tote/Messenger Bag

Porter-Yoshida is renowned for its obsession with quality nylon bags, each meticulously crafted by a single artisan. The brand’s dedication to craftsmanship is evident in the durability and design of its products.

Neighborhood Key Piece: Lightweight Jacket

Tokyo streetwear label Neighborhood combines military and sportswear influences, resulting in a muted yet contemporary aesthetic. Frequent collaborations with esteemed menswear brands contribute to its influence.

ORSLOW Key Piece: Selvedge Denim

ORSLOW takes a stand against fast fashion, offering timeless, locally sourced designs made in Japan with meticulous attention to detail. Denim, shirting, and outerwear form the core of this brand’s collection.

Yuketen Key Piece: Suede Boots

Yuketen combines Japanese and American sensibilities in its American-made, handcrafted shoes. These unique styles blend preppy and outdoorsy elements, creating highly desirable footwear.

Human Made Key Piece: Printed Tee

Prolific designer Nigo, the man behind Human Made, infuses streetwear with influences from skating and hip-hop. The brand has a poppy and hype-friendly style with a unique mid-century American design touch.

WTAPS Key Piece: Military Shirt

WTAPS, one of the foundational brands of Japanese streetwear, is recognized for its military-inspired silhouettes and functional details. While challenging to find outside of Japan, it continues to attract dedicated fans.

Evisu Key Piece: Seagull Print Jeans

Evisu, initially renowned for its handmade seagull logo jeans, has expanded to offer a comprehensive range of casual wardrobe essentials. The brand retains its commitment to quality and cultural significance.

Snow Peak Key Piece: Technical Jacket

Snow Peak specializes in outdoor gear that seamlessly integrates with your everyday wardrobe. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, the brand offers highly functional clothing and camping equipment.

The Real McCoy’s Key Piece: Flight Jacket

The Real McCoy’s is dedicated to authenticity and mid-century Americana. The brand reproduces iconic styles from the past while upholding old production methods, resulting in exceptional throwback pieces of the highest quality.

Nanamica Key Piece: Parka

Nanamica, led by founder Eiichiro Homma, combines sports, utility, and a touch of the unusual in its stylish collections. Known for its jackets and winter-ready coats, the brand even collaborates with The North Face Purple Label.

VISVIM Key Piece: Footwear

Since 2001, VISVIM has established itself as one of Japan’s finest luxury menswear brands. Hiroki Nakamura, a former Burton Snowboards designer, infuses influences from workwear, Japanese period clothing, and Native American culture, resulting in a truly unique and instantly recognizable style.

Manastash Key Piece: Anorak

Manastash, named after a North American mountain trail, showcases Japan’s ability to rejuvenate foreign brands. This brand, originally from Seattle and now in Japanese hands, creates garments from recycled fabrics and hemp. It offers T-shirts, lightweight waterproofs, and jackets with a focus on both style and environmental sustainability.

These 22 Japanese clothing brands offer a rich tapestry of styles, from traditional craftsmanship to cutting-edge designs, combining influences from around the world into a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. Whether you’re seeking high-quality denim, everyday essentials, or avant-garde fashion, these brands are essential for the modern, stylish man’s wardrobe. Embrace the fusion of culture and fashion that is uniquely Japanese, and elevate

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