Choosing the Perfect Bridal Shower Outfit: Tips and Dress Code Etiquette

Bridal Shower

Weddings are a time of joy and celebration, and one of the most exciting pre-wedding events is the bridal shower. It’s a time when brides and their bridesmaids eagerly anticipate a day of fun and togetherness. However, as a guest, there’s often a big question to tackle – what to wear to a bridal shower? Whether it’s a themed party or there’s a specific dress code, selecting the perfect outfit can be a bit of a challenge. But fret not; we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this sartorial conundrum.

In this article, we’ll delve into what to wear (and what to avoid) for different types of bridal showers. So, let’s get started and ensure you’re dressed to impress at the next bridal shower you attend.

Dressing Etiquette or A Bridal Shower

Your choice of outfit for can vary depending on the theme of the party and, of course, the bride’s preferences. Some brides may have a specific style, color, or attire in mind, while others prefer their guests to follow a certain dress code. It’s always a good idea to reach out to the bride or consult the invitation for guidance. Nevertheless, here are some general tips to keep in mind:

Stick to Pastel Shades

  • Since bridal showers are typically daytime events, opt for light, pastel shades like lavender or peach. These colors exude a soft and elegant vibe, perfect for pre-wedding gatherings. Just ensure your choice doesn’t outshine the bride’s attire.

Stay Away from Red

  • Red is generally considered unsuitable for bridal showers due to its association with adultery. It’s also a bold and attention-grabbing color. Save your red dress for a date night and let the bride shine on her special day.

Avoid Wearing Black

  • While black is a versatile color, it’s best to avoid it. Opt for more positive and serene colors like yellow, green, or blue that blend seamlessly with the celebratory atmosphere.

Keep Jewelry Simple

  • Bridal showers are not the occasion to showcase extravagant jewelry. Stick to dainty necklaces and subtle earrings that complement your attire without overpowering it.

Opt for Comfortable Shoes 

  • Choose comfort over towering stilettos. Wedges, block heels, booties, or pumps can be excellent choices to keep your look both simple and elegant.


Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s explore how to dress for various bridal shower dress codes.


What To Wear To A Bridal Shower Based On Dress Code

Dress codes can sometimes be a bit perplexing, especially if you’re not a regular at formal events. Fortunately, the bride usually specifies the dress code on the invitation. It’s important to adhere to it, as failing to do so could potentially upset the bride. Here’s what different dress codes mean and how to interpret them:

Cocktail Attire Dress Code

  • When the invitation mentions a cocktail dress code, it implies a somewhat formal outfit. Say goodbye to jeans or casual pants. Instead, opt for a chic knee-length or midi-length dress, paired with heels and understated jewelry. Silky wraparounds or structured dresses are excellent choices, while overly revealing or short outfits should be avoided.

Seasonal Themed Dress Code

  • Depending on the time of the year, bridal showers can have seasonal themes. For spring or autumn events, opt for flowy dresses in light colors, loose pants, or flowy blouses. Winter showers call for darker shades, making velvet dresses and jumpsuits the right choice.

Boho Chic Dress Code

  • Embrace the fun of a boho chic dress code by donning a casual maxi dress, perhaps one with a crochet touch. Pair it with some wildflowers in your hair and complete the look with espadrilles or wedges for that perfect boho diva vibe.

Tea Time Dress Code

  • Traditional tea-time bridal showers call for tea-length dresses. Consider a mid-length dress paired with wedges, and floral prints are the perfect fit for this theme.

What To Wear To A Backyard Bridal Shower

Here, you can embrace comfort while still looking stylish. Since outdoor events often demand a different level of consideration, here’s what you can wear:

Casual Outfit

  • Keeping it classy yet casual is the key for a backyard bridal shower. A dress isn’t always mandatory; you can achieve a chic look with light blue non-ripped skinny jeans paired with a light-colored, dressy blouse. Add a cute pair of ballet flats to complete your ensemble.

Breathable Attire

  • Backyard affairs can be warm, especially during daytime events. Choose comfortable and breathable fabrics like cotton or silk for your dress, and consider wearing a large sun hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.

Floral Dress

  • If you’ve ever wanted to rock a floral outfit, a backyard bridal shower is the ideal occasion. Whether it’s a sleek fitted dress with a pastel floral print or a long maxi dress, you’ll exude elegance.

Streamlined Jumpsuit

  • For a more unique and offbeat choice, consider a streamlined jumpsuit with distinct sleeves. Accessorize with a light metallic necklace and dangling earrings for added flair.

What To Wear To A Spring Or Summer Bridal Shower

Choosing an outfit for a spring or summer is a breeze, as bright and pastel shades are the order of the day. Here are some ideas to keep you cool and stylish during these warmer seasons:

Go Floral

  • Spring and summer are synonymous with blooming flowers. Opt for full-length floral dresses made of lightweight fabrics like cotton or crepe to achieve that flawless look.

Linen Jumpsuit

  • Summer and linen go hand in hand due to its lightweight yet classy nature. Select a linen jumpsuit in beige or dusty pink to create a cheerful vibe for the bridal shower.

Subtly Printed Blouse

  • If you prefer a more neutral look, opt for subtly printed attire. Choose a refined printed blouse and pair it with a cream or white skirt. You can also pair the blouse with jeans if the bride specifies a casual atmosphere.

Lacy Dress

  • Spring bridal showers are perfect for a lacy dress. Whether it’s a strappy mid-length lace dress or a long halter-neck lace dress, this choice adds a touch of elegance. Complement the look with strappy sandals or wedges.

Jacquard Dress

  • If you’re feeling fancy, consider a pleated jacquard dress. While bridal showers are typically casual, this lightweight fabric can elevate your look while keeping it comfortable.

Off-Shoulder Dress

  • Pastel shades are ideal for the season, so opt for a pastel-colored off-shoulder dress for a chic summer look. Leave your hair down to enhance the romantic vibe of your ensemble.

Remember that a bridal shower is a special occasion in the lead-up to a bride’s big day. It’s essential to choose an outfit that aligns with the theme and makes the bride happy. The golden rule here is to ensure you don’t overshadow the bride. To do this, stick to pastel and light colors, creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere.

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for pastel-colored attire to create a light and joyful atmosphere.
  • Choose light fabrics and colors for spring or summer bridal showers.
  • Keep your jewelry and accessories understated for an elegant look.
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