A Stylish Evolution: Zendaya’s fashion journey


In this article an American actress and singer, the Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is discussing her fashion evolution and her experiences with different outfits throughout her career. She is sharing anecdotes about her early fashion choices and how her style has developed over time.

Zendaya’s early style:

Superstar reminisced about her first press tour for the Disney Channel show “Shake It Up” in 2012, she googled “Germany Zendaya” and showed her picture during which she lacked a substantial clothing budget. She humorously criticized one of her early outfits, which included flared pants, a striped cardigan, an aqua blazer, and a yellow tee. She jokingly expressed anger towards her stylist at the time, Law Roach, for selecting such an outfit and laughs about it.

She then shared a photo of the very first outfit Law Roach ever picked out for her, a chrome-colored metallic blazer and miniskirt combo she wore to Justin Bieber’s 2011 “Never Say Never” documentary premiere. How she considered it “edgy” as a teenager but now finds it cute. Despite her evolving style, more juvenile ensembles were age-appropriate and nostalgic rather than questionable.

When asked about when she started taking more fashion risks on the red carpet, actress pointed to 2014, citing a “black Emporio-Armani jumpsuit” styled by Law Roach. This outfit included an oversize bowler hat that received mixed reviews and sparked comparisons with Lorde’s style. Zendaya remembers that some people were unsure about her new style direction at the time but notes that she and Roach still love that look.

Embracing Challenging and Mature Roles:

Zendaya reminded her growth as an actress and her desire to take on more challenging and mature roles in her career. She reflected on her journey from her early Disney days to her current status as a famous actress and fashion icon. As she approached 27, she wanted to find roles that push her and move beyond playing teenage characters.

She highlighted her breakthrough role as Rue Bennett in HBO’s Euphoria, for which she won an Emmy Award, and how her portrayal of complex characters has contributed to her reputation as a versatile actress. She discussed her latest role in the film “Challengers,” where she plays a character very different from her previous ones, describing it as her “first time really being a leading lady.” In this role, she plays a quietly cutthroat femme fatale involved in a love triangle, and it represents a significant departure from her previous work.

Furthermore, this role is a bit intimidating, but she embraces the challenge and sees it as a step into a more mature phase of her career. She appreciates the authenticity of her character’s evolution and is willing to take risks to grow as an actress. On the sensual and erotic elements of the film, she said how the director, Luca Guadagnino, and she worked together to convey these emotions on screen.

Challenges in Understanding Her Character:

Superstar talked about her role as Tashi in the film “Challengers” and how it was challenging for her to understand the character’s motivations. Tashi is a complex and unapologetic character who wields power, and such roles are not often given to actors who look like her. Zendaya is enthusiastic about taking on this kind of character, which breaks away from traditional stereotypes.

She felt self-conscious while filming “Challengers” Due to three months of tennis training for the role and became nervous about performing tennis scenes in front of the camera, even though she wasn’t using a real ball. She discussed the pressure of performing in a highly visible role and how it affected her confidence.

Fame and Public Life:

Zendaya reflected on her increasing fame, particularly after her involvement in the Spider-Man franchise and the success of “Euphoria.” She described how her level of fame has led to changes in her ability to go out in public without drawing attention. She shared being recognized while running errands, highlighting the challenges of living a normal life in the spotlight.

As a Superstar, parts of her life will always be public due to her celebrity status. She talked about finding a balance between living her life, including her romantic relationship with Tom Holland, and protecting her privacy. She has some control over what she chooses to share with the public and the importance of maintaining peace and not being afraid to exist in the public eye.


In conclusion, Zendaya is not only a talented actress but also as someone deeply connected to the world of fashion. By providing insights into her personal connection to fashion and her upbringing. She said, her emotional attachment to fashion is partly influenced by her mother’s experience of having to get custom-made clothes due to her height (6’4). Her parents and grandmother played a significant role in encouraging her sense of playfulness and experimentation with fashion from a young age. Zendaya’s journey started from being a shy theater kid in Oakland to becoming a sought-after trendsetter in the fashion industry and brand ambassador with prestigious fashion and beauty brands like Valentino, Lancôme, Bulgari, and Louis Vuitton.

Zendaya’s fashion journey is a testament to her fearless spirit and her ability to transform any outfit into a statement-making masterpiece. So, here’s to Zendaya, the true style icon!

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